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Ghetto D has been fucking shit up since before you were born, and every time we see him skate we’re fucking stoked he’s in bed with our skanky ass. Ghetto D + Brimley =<3

Thursday, Jan 2 at 4:20PM 15 people hate this

Pyramid Country keeps cranking out amazing shit, and this one features some heavy ripping from Brimley boys like Eric Dowswell, Bobby Green, Pat Green and our good friend (maybe more than friends?) Andrew Cannon. Watch this now!

Monday, Dec 30 at 4:20PM 4 people hate this

Brimley welcomes Eric Dowswell.
Unfortunately for Eric, we got him to sign a 69 year contract. In ketchup.

Thursday, Dec 19 at 4:20PM 50 people hate this

Tempe Park Halloween this year was twice as big and twice as flamboyant as last year! So obviously the video is ultra fierce!

Saturday, Nov 16 at 4:20PM 2 people hate this

Did you somehow miss this video over at last week? Do you just want to see it again? Are you sexually frustrated and need some spank bank material? Well, here it is in all its super gay glory!

Wednesday, Nov 6 at 4:20PM 2 people hate this

Don’t forget that grinding on shit is fucking radical!

Monday, Oct 14 at 4:20PM 1 people hate this

New Brimley garbage is in stock! Go to our shop and waste your hard earned cash on this crap so Vlad can pay his personal trainer for the month.

Also if you have a skate shop and you want us to help put you out of business, email us at!

Monday, Oct 14 at 4:20PM

Enjoy a “throw back” (as the dipshits call it) to the greatest thing we have ever done. Check back regularly to watch our steady decline from the glorious snow capped peak we once sat upon.

Monday, Oct 14 at 4:20PM